The Marilyn Moyer Charitable Trust was founded in 1990. Since then we have awarded primarily small individual grants generally under $5,000. Going forward, the Trust Committee will be accepting Grant requests ranging from $1,000 – $250,000.


Helping where there is a need with special focus on children and their parents.


We work to assist individuals and organizations in our community, in an effort to provide opportunities, and assistance to those in need.


Marilyn Moyer had extraordinary core value of gratitude that she shared openly. Throughout adversity and the hard times that she and her family faced Marilyn always kept her sense of gratitude for what she did have, and often reminded her friends and family to “just be grateful for what you’ve got”. Today the MMCT Trustees are most grateful to be able to help others through the grants given in the name of Marilyn Moyer, whose influence on their lives has been immeasurable.

Our values have us believe that:

  • Charity begins at home, that is why our grants are focused in the Portland metropolitan area.

All people should have the opportunity to reach their potential, contribute meaningfully to society and have a voice in the decisions that affect them.

We are stewards who ensure that MMCT grant making and other investments offer the highest value to our grantees and community. We look for ways to protect and manage our funds in a responsible way. Meaningful impact requires effective investments of all our financial assets.

We recognize the importance of meeting urgent and immediate community needs while taking the long view towards systems changes that address the causes of community problems.

  • In our role as Trustees, we believe in advocating for those in need and supporting organizations that builds thriving communities for children and their families.

Based on these beliefs, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Equity:  We define equity as fair access to all individuals and organizations in need  for opportunities to make grant requests to the MMCT. 
  • Responsiveness and flexibility: We recognize the needs of  individuals and organizations change over time so we strive to stay current in addressing changing conditions. 
  • Collaboration: We seek to identify ways to build the best approach in addressing key needs and opportunities to help individuals and organizations.
  • Humility: As Trustees we endeavor to act as humble stewards and advocates for those in need.
  • Advocacy: We recognize the importance of engaging in and supporting advocacy where it can act as a leverage point in a systems change effort.