Marilyn Moyer’s life and career exemplified ingenuity and hard work that was always accompanied with a great Irish sense of humor. Her common sense and straight talking kept her family and friends coming back to her time and again for advice. Those fortunate enough to have known Marilyn knew she was always available to listen and offer a helping hand.


Marilyn Moyer was born in 1924 in Chicago, Illinois. In 1946, at the age of 21, she married Tom Moyer from Portland, Oregon. She corresponded with Tom while he was serving his country in the Philippines during World War II. They married shortly after the war in 1946.

Marilyn and Tom started their life together in Portland and were blessed with four children. They worked together to build a successful theatre chain reaching into 5 western states.

Shortly after Marilyn’s death in 1988, the family business was sold and the MMCT was established in her memory by her husband, and her four children; Tom Jr., Colleen, Kimberly and Tim.